Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sean P Diddy Combs in "Fred" Vintage courtesy of R.V.S.

We are very proud to have just supplied Mr. Sean "P Diddy" Combs with a large selection of our specially curated vintage stock. Heres the latest photo of Mr. combs looking super slick in his vintage "Fred" sunglasses courtesy of Rare Vintage Sunglasses

Stay tuned to see more of Mr. Combs selections...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Know what you sell !!!

Its really nice to see vintage eyewear grow this much in the past few years. We remember when it was just us and a few others (that would not fill one hands fingers) that were trying to spread quality vintage sunglasses all around the world.
Sadly today there are a bunch of vintage eyewear dealers who no nothing about what they sell, think anything thats old is "truly vintage" and don't even bother to educate themselves as they are not in it for the love of the game but just to make a quick buck.

That being said this was just the final straw...

Everyone please check out this link
Not only is the eyewear giant Luxottica owned "Sunglass Hut" ignorant enough to list vintage Persol Ratti glasses as MAFLECT RATTI (NOT MEFLECTO!!! - as of course they have not even bothered to research what they are selling-even though they own the brand !!)
They are also cocky enough to ask over 5000$ for the 806 folding model which is usually sold for around 700$ tops...Ughhh i wish they would just leave vintage alone..

Its sad to see they no so little about a company they purchased in the 90s that holds such a big piece in eyewear history to us true eyewear lovers

Yours Truly


Monday, 16 January 2012

Persol 714 ala Steve Mcqueen

All you Persol lovers out there know how much Rare Vintage Sunglasses respects and loves vintage Persol Eyewear. We were one of the first online sites to stock ancient pieces from the 1930,40 and 50s and have supplied some of our vintage Ratti stock to numerous eyewear eyewear history books and museums for reference.
Among some of the pieces we have sold is the first ever 009, pre Persol Ratti sunglasses (signed Protector), 1950s 714 (same as sold at Bonhams auction for 70,000$) and many many more.

That being said we are always excited to receive a 714 Persol Ratti and this month we got lucky. Now in stock we have 2 fantastic 714 pieces both from the 60s both in light brown color. One of them is equipped with classic brown ratti lenses while the other is much more rare, equipped with ultra rare Blue Ratti lenses.
Two fantastic pieces available for what should be a limited time...get them while you can

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gafa De Sol

Rare Vintage Sunglasses gets some love from Spain's hippest eyewear blog

Check it out HERE

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Good taste starts with early age

The Persol Ratti Teen Collection C.1980 . The Ultimate Child eyewear courtesy of Rare Vintage Sunglasses